Sunday, December 12, 2010

An aegis of prophesies

I saw a gypsy yesterday. She had a booth in the Galleria at the Inner Harbor. She did not have a crystal ball. My friend L paid for me to have a Tarot reading. I was too afraid to ask her my question out loud, and it will not be recorded here. But suffice to say it had something to do with next year, and what I would be doing.

Layer 1: My Question

It was good. Was it an answer? No. But There was a cupid--that was the good--and a couple other cards that meant "travel" and "chickpeas."

Layer 2: Journey

I'd be taking a long journey in the spring of 2011. If we count May as spring, then she was right.

Layer 3: Career

A scholar, a magician, and...something else. The Magician, she explained, represented me, the Querent. It was the reveal. This was the crucial moment of my reading. What did it reveal? I should continue on my course.

Keep tackling. I have never known a gypsy to say "tackling," but then again, I have never known a gypsy.

Layer 4: The Dog and the Cat

The initial "D" means something to me. I should pursue it.

Layer 5: Romance

An old woman, among others. I should be patient.

(Yeah, right.)

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